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The ISEE Australian Chapter is run entirely by volunteers as a not for profit Professional Society to give people in the Drill and Blast industry a forum to discuss and learn about new blasting techniques, standards, legislation and technology. All raised funds stay in the Chapter with the plan to provide sponsorships and student scholarships when possible.

The Chapter was incorporated in September 2015.

For more information regarding the ISEE, please visit the international site at www.isee.org

Our People

Past President and Founder – Mark Dean (Texcel)

President – Ryan Brogden (Frontier Safety)

Vice President – Peter Howe (Platinum Blasting Services)

Treasurer – Drew Martin (Blast It Global)

Secretary – Miguel Araos (STX Technologies)

Past President – Michael Wiseman (Action Drill & Blast)

Director – Paul Klaric (FMG)

Director –Sarah Foster (BHP)

Director – Paul Ahern (Ahern D & B Solutions)

Director – Lee Julian (Blast Ability)

Director – Anthony Gilchrist (DSM)


Conference Committee

Technical Committee

Membership Committee

Nomination Committee

About Us
About Us

Our Goals

To maintain a strong organization structure that addresses the needs of all members.

To serve society as a body of specialists and encourage service to the community where the skills of those who work with explosives can best be applied.

To establish and strengthen working relationships with related national and international associations, government agencies, academic institutions and allied societies having common or related objectives.

To provide forums and media through which principles and techniques of explosives engineering may be reported, discussed and published.

To educate policy makers about our industry and identify, monitor, report and respond to public policy issues affecting the explosives industry.

To promote a favorable public perception of explosives engineers and the contributions that they make to society.

To promote career development and encourage explosives engineering instruction in appropriate education curricula.

To promote the professional development, competence, and qualifications of explosives engineers, practitioners and those entering the field.

To promote standardization of terminology, methods and regulations in explosives engineering.

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