Ryan Brogden

Ryan Brogden

I am currently the Manager of Safety, Security and Compliance for Solar Mining Services across their Australian operations. Previously my 11 years experience in government regulation and compliance of explosives provided knowledge of explosives regulation across Australia and internationally. Prior to these roles, I was involved in research of explosives for forensic applications.

These roles have given me the opportunity to be involved with the technical review of explosives safety and security, including as a member of the Australian delegation to the UN Sub-Committee for the Transport of Dangerous Goods and the Working Group on Explosives, member of the Australian Competent Authorities Panel for the Transport of Dangerous Goods (CAP) and the NTC Maintenance Group for the Australian Dangerous Goods Transport Code (ADG7). Recently I was nominated to represent Solar Mining Services at the Australian Explosives Industry and Safety Group (AEISG).

I was Lead Investigator into the Angellala Creek ammonium nitrate truck explosion that occurred in 2014, and subsequently chaired the Australian Informal Working Group on Ammonium Nitrate Vehicles to recommend improvements to vehicle safety to prevent vehicle fires and explosions. The work on this investigation won paper of the year award at the ISEE 44th Annual Conference 2018 in San Antonio, USA.

I hope to contribute to the great efforts of the ISEE and help to continue grow the presence within Australia and facilitate engagement with government, particularly around the regulation of explosives in mining and construction relevant to ISEE members.

I have a First Class Honours Degree in Chemistry from Curtin University of Technology and a Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science from the University of Western Australia.