Alex Nicetin

Alex is a Strategic Projects Manager at Boral Quarries (NSW/ACT), where he supports medium and long term planning activities, while also being responsible for evaluating and monitoring major project capability and performance. 

Prior to joining Boral, Alex worked for 5 years in the explosives sector in both Western Australia, Queensland. As a result, he is also responsible for Boral’s drill and blast activities, where he works with a dedicated group of employees and contractors to deliver drill and blast services across Boral’s 15 quarries in NSW/ACT.

Alex was instrumental in the development of Boral’s national drill and blast system, which has helped  Quarry Managers understand and implement effective blast planning and review, thereby ensuring safe outcomes and providing a sound basis for continuous improvement.

When not at work, Alex can be found fishing, diving and camping with his wife and three kids.